Choosing Your Hammock

Here’s a list of considerations regarding where and how your new Hammock will be used, and which types we would recommend:

I want a super-comfortable Hammock to nap in.

Comfort can mean different things to different people. The Deluxe Quilted Hammock, with its soft poly fiber fill and built-in pillow, is certainly the softest of the “Spreader Bar” Hammocks (those are the ones with the wooden bars at the ends). But if you prefer to be wrapped up in a more cocoon-like environment, we would recommend either the Nicaraguan or the Brazilian Hammocks.

Any of those are great for keeping you a little warmer, if you plan on using it at night, in a cooler climate, or earlier or later in the year.  The Classic and Deluxe Rope Hammocks, on the other hand, are suited to keeping you cool on a hot day, as is the loose-knit Mayan Hammock.

Classic Rope Hammock

Classic Rope Hammock

I want to use my Hammock indoors, or on my porch.

Indoor Hammocks are a great way to stretch out in you living room or on your deck, and make a great every-night alternative to a bed. One problem is that they actually take up a lot of space, especially length-wise. A 13 to 15 foot distance from end to end is recommended for some.

Brazilian, Nicaraguan and Mayan Hammocks need the least space in terms of length and width, and unlike others, can fit into an even smaller space when combined with a  Stand.  The Latin Hammock Stand, by pulling the ends of the Hammock down and in, needs only 9 feet in total length, and has a footprint about 5 feet by 4 feet.

I want a Hammock to sunbathe on, and that will dry quickly.

Any of the Spreader Bar Hammocks are good for getting into and out with ease, and tend to dry more quickly. Whether its from rain, or wet swimmers laying on it, the Poolside Hammock is, not surprisingly, the best designed for dampness. It can be wiped dry, or will dry in the sun in no time. The Deluxe Quilted Hammock is also waterproof, though, and would generally be considered more comfortable for a longer stay.

Given that you’re looking for lots of direct sunlight, you may want a free-standing Hammock with a Stand. Consider the Wicker Hammock Stand for a more permanent setting, or the Tri-Beam Stand if you want something more portable.

Poolside Hammock

Poolside Hammock with Tri-Beam Hammock Stand

I want to hang my Hammock between two trees.

Definitely opt for our Eco-Friendly Tree Straps for this purpose, especially if it’s not a permanent installation. They work just as well, and don’t damage the trees in any way.

Any of our Hammocks work equally well with the Tree Straps, and you can find the range of hanging distances each Hammock requires in its description.

I want to share my Hammock with another person — and maybe several people.

You may want to consider that sharing a Non-Spreader-Bar Hammock is a much cosier experience than with the Poolside or Quilted Hammocks — whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing. The cosiness of a Rope Hammock would be somewhere in between.

All our Hammocks are considered large enough for at least two people, and for at least 441 pounds. There’s little difference between them — except that the Extra-Large Mayan Hammock is safe for as much as 869 pounds. Check the weight limitations of your hanging equipment, though, too. The Latin and Wicker Hammock Stands can support the most, while the Chain Kit is considered to be as secure as the bolts are secure in their posts or trees.

Extra Large Mayan Hammock

Extra Large Mayan Hammock

I want a Hammock I can leave out in the wind and rain, and not worry about.

It’s recommended that the Non-Spreader-Bar Hammocks — Brazilian, Nicaraguan and Mayan –be brought inside when not in use, or that you use the our handy Hammock Sock to keep them secure and dry. The cotton Classic Rope Hammock should also be kept out of the worst rain and humidity, due to the potential for mold and miildew. All of the others are reasonably weather-resistant, with the Poolside Hammock being the nearest thing to indestructible.

I want a Hammock that’s safe for small children, and that they won’t destroy.

The Classic Rope Hammock comes with a warning — that small children could be injured by getting tangled in it. The same is true, but less so, of the Deluxe Polyester Rope Hammock. This really means that, like a pool, very small children shouldn’t be left alone with it.

The most durable Hammocks, in terms of both potential tearing and staining, are the Poolside and Quilted Hammocks. All Spreader Bar Hammocks have the potential to flip, however, if some serious rough-housing is going on. The Brazilian Style and Nicaraguan Hammocks are very kid-safe, and also quite durable.

Brazilian Style Hammock

Brazilian Style Hammock

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